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Play vs Work Mode: Creating a Future Work Pl ...
johan@xlfamily.com, 23/08/2016
The other day I was playing a board game with my kids and I honestly can say I had the time of my life. Later, I did some self-reflection that resulted in what I wouldn’t call a groundbreaking re ...
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A Smile a Day Keeps the Doctor Away… ; ...
johan@xlfamily.com, 20/10/2015
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5 Ways to Keep the Spirit High During Summer ...
johan@xlfamily.com, 30/06/2015
The sun is shining, the holiday is coming excitingly close. Though the temperatures are high in summer, energy levels can be really low, making it hard to remain focused and motivated in the office ...
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Another Adventure: CHO in Bonn
johan@xlfamily.com, 04/06/2015
Only a few days after leaving Boston to fly back to the Netherlands, it was already time to pack our bags again and leave for another adventure. No need for our private jet this time (ha ha, if onl ...
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The Super-Power of Smiling
johan@xlfamily.com, 18/05/2015
When was the last time that you smiled at someone – a friend at the gym, a colleague at work or even a complete stranger in the supermarket? When was the last time you smiled to your colleagues o ...
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5 ways in which your physical work-environme ...
johan@xlfamily.com, 21/04/2015
Imagine yourself in a beautiful office space. Yes, this might need some reframing, but nevertheless. Try it. A space you would be proud to show to your friends. Th ...
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6 Ways to Stimulate Teamwork
johan@xlfamily.com, 08/12/2014
Coming together is a beginning Keeping together is progress Working together is success - Henry Ford Ford, with countless others, acknowle ...
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