"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play"

John Cleese

Blue Monday Pop-up Event

Blue Monday as a Stepping Stone

This event was all about addressing the value of relaxation and humor, enhancing creativity, practicing ways to create focus and concentration and warming up association capabilities.

Business Challenge

This client from the financial industry wanted to titillate employees and get them out of their comfort zone. In a no-strings-attached way, they aimed to get employees out of their demanding work conditions and to let them get energized whenever they wanted and felt like it. The event took place on “Blue Monday”, a day which is seen as the most depressing day of the year. The client wanted the event to be a surprise, so the employees had no idea what was coming.


Based on this challenge we offered three parallel pop-up teasers at three different times of the day. To inform everybody about the event, we "bombarded" the different departments in a fun way (with a music blaster and as humor doctors). A week before the event we spread “rumors” (posters about Blue Monday). We let attendees get acquainted with exercises that enhances humor, a playful mindset and relaxation. Furthermore we distributed three video’s to all employees about Blue Monday; how to beat the meeting blues; and how to pitch you message in an engaging way. The content of these video's was cleverly linked to their business challenges.


Employees were really surprised by the event and they were amazed by the mailings and posters. During the event we received many positive reactions about the teaser-workshops. Preparations and workshops went smoothly and the whole event proceeded as planned and as hoped for. People loved being pulled out of their comfort zone in such a playful way. Attendees became energized, more focused and learned ways to get into a creative mode, how to enhance association capabilities and how to kick meetings up a notch.

One of our video’s that got distributed throughout the whole department during the second pop-up round.
After this video had been distributed, we started going around every department to hand-out our humor-medicine.

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