"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play"

John Cleese

Building Business with Bricks

Forming a Solid Team with the Playful Method of LEGO® Serious Play®

This workshop enacts a collaborative and creative process, encouraging creative thinking and sharing of values and meanings. This allows a constructive discussion where participants negotiate and share ideas and literally build new ideas together by building individual and shared LEGO models.

Business Challenge

Given the fast-changing and dynamic environment of this client, the challenge was to have a strong corporate strategy team that is able to work together in an effective way. In a diverse team you will always have to deal with different personalities, skill sets and perspectives. Our client was struggling with team cohesion and was looking for ways to bring the members of the team closer together.


With the LEGO Serious Play method we focused on the issues that were playing a role within the team. This method is very suited for team building exercises as it enables you to get to the core of things in a playful and lighthearted manner. Every single team member got to express themselves by building different models that represented their role in the team and how they felt about it.


After the workshop the team members got a better idea of each other’s backgrounds, motives and perspectives on things. This has helped the team to reduce conflict and increase cohesion. Due to the combination of fun and seriousness, the team had gotten closer together without many ‘heavy’ emotional moments.

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