"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play"

John Cleese

CHO Vision Posters & Stickers

Inspiring and Humorous Posters or Stickers to Get That Message Accros

For multiple companies we’ve designed posters and stickers to titillate innovation, to communicate change and to stimulateĀ an organizational culture that stands out from the crowd. These are not just ordinary posters and stickers, but posters with a vision dipped in a humorous and humane sauce. Posters that make you think and hopefully let you explore the world (or your organization) in a different way.

Business Challenge

Several organizations wanted to convey a specific message. Messages for the purpose of boosting innovation and creativity, promoting important initiatives, endorsing change and encouraging an inspiring organizational culture. One that fits best to the values of the business and the people who are making the business.


Posters and stickers with a humorous touch can get the message across. Besides humor, every organization could use a bit more inspiration. Furthermore we think it is of crucial importance to involve all layers within the organization to create the commitment that is fundamental for organizational growth.


Inspiring and humorous messages that makes you think about your business in a different way. It opens your eyes, broadens your view, strengthens your organizational culture and actually it can bring your whole organization to the next level. Because humor makes you perceive things in a more lighthearted way, you can even communicate the "unthinkable".


Did we tickle your funny bone, and would you like your organization to get tickled as well?
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