"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play"

John Cleese

Team Building

Building a Public Relations Team to Better Business.

Strenghtening a team’s effort and building one team where all noses were made to point in the same direction.

Business Challenge

Within a public relations department, several different teams needed to be integrated. Due to its differences, collaboration was at times fraught with obstacles leaving many opportunities for enhancement. The goal of this intervention was boosting the atmosphere on the work floor, enhancing team work and strengthening team spirit.


To exactly find out what collaboration challenges this team was facing, we found it extremely important to execute an analysis by using depth-interviews. Next an extended advice-report was presented in which we offered several team building interventions: Lego Serious Play & Business Constellations; Building your Team to Better Business; and Teamwork in Practice. These interventions were all structured in a playful, yet content rich manner.


With this approach we were able to look at things in a lighthearted way, but always with an underlying message. Benefits were in line with self-reflection, team bonding, giving effective feedback and shaping etiquette rules together by which an enhanced team spirit could take place. The interventions were finalized with a huge poster about everyone’s personal contributions. Putting up this poster makes sure everyone gets reminded every day.

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