"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play"

John Cleese

Pimping Events

Using Our Incredible Creative Minds to Create the Best Possible Experience!

By seeing things in a different perspective and by letting our creative juices flow we enable companies to kick there events up a notch and create an experience of the highest level.

Business Challenge

We are here for when companies want to get the best out of there events. For example when they don’t have enough experience to do so, or because they would like to use our intense creativity to reach for the stars. From beginning till end, from observation to active engagement at the event, from content to physical appearance; we've got the expertise and we will let our creativity play its rightful part. That is why one of our clients, a large cable company, wanted our guidance in two events to blow everyone’s mind. The events were a brainstorm event and an innovation conference both with all their innovation managers from around the world.


First, we provided a train the trainer workshop on “How to Brainstorm in an Effective Yet Mind Blowing Way” to teach the team and question all the ins and outs of brainstorms. After this we worked out the brainstorm-event together. What are the best possible ways to get the best outcomes? At the event itself we were also present and helped out in guiding the brainstorm, energizers and interviewing attendees. We did the same with the innovation conference, but also added some creative ideas, information beforehand (How to prepare for an event & How to ask the right questions?), activities, videos and program structure to keep the event interesting and encouraging for all attendees.


Attendees were surprised by the event’s structure and interactiveness. There was no room for boredom here. Attendees left with a positive vibe, and a bunch load of enthusiasm. When we organize an event or a learning experience, we make sure it becomes immersive. So, the attendees will remember the message not only the day after, but also a month after. One thing is clear; you can be certain that people will leave the day inspired, optimistic, energetic and with a big smile...;)

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