"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play"

John Cleese

Trend Tour

Exploring New Ways of Building Your Business!


Multiple organizations (e.g. ING, Delta Lloyd, THNK) have experienced the power of this trend tour. Looking at street-art, social developments and environmental changes to spot trends and get inspired for innovation. With this tour you’ll discover how to explore the world in a different way and how to connect trends into business.

Business Challenge

Being a large organization, it can be a struggle to keep an eye on what is happening outside the corporate walls. Doing so however, can be of crucial importance for staying relevant in nowadays dynamic markets. How do you know what is happening outside in the real word; the world in which your clients live? How can you stay on top of developments in society so you are able to anticipate? And above all, how do you learn to see the environment in a way that benefits future business?


By actually going outside and leaving the office for a day, we discovered what is happening in today’s society. It is in the edges of society where trends originate and where the real innovators are, so we look at street-art and social developments as a rich source of information. The participants receive assignments during the tour to stimulate them to look at their environment in a detailed and refreshing way. At the end of the tour we discuss what trends we've seen and which ones are specifically relevant for the participants.


After these tours we see a lot of enthusiastic faces. Having seen what is actually happening on the streets inspires participants to take a closer look on the developments within society; the world in which your customers live. We train a skill crucial for innovation: to look at things in a different way. This skill will help the team become more creative and increases problem solving skills.

Aftermovie Trendtour for Delta Lloyd

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