"If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play"

John Cleese

Transforming an organizational culture of a Mexican Financial Company

From a Financial Culture to an Innovation Culture

To enhance a huge growth spurt within the financial industry
we helped this organization to align their organizational culture with their values.

Business Challenge

This company wanted to put their slogan “From a GREAT place to work to the BEST place to work” into practice. They wanted to stimulate transformation via practices towards more collaboration, communication, transparency, and openness: Creating an innovative culture capable to support the innovation strategies of the company.


We customized a strategic plan for this client and its specific objectives; problem-analysis of all organizational layers, advice-report, pre-results and actions. Playful, yet effective methods were at the base of the implementation process. LEGO Serious Play, inspiration from leading cultures (Google, Skype), scientific insights, interventions in changing the physical environment, reinforcing innovative leadership and effective management were our alongside tools.


People felt involved in the change process which made the whole transformation successful. The change in the company´s culture manifested itself at the following points: 1) New collaboration practices, 2) a real innovation culture along with its processes and practices and 3) a more innovative, efficient and agile financial company in which the human factor plays its rightful part.



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