"We lead by being human. We do not lead by being corporate, professional or institutional."

Paul Hawken

Our Story

We love to explore the world and look for different kind of ways to improve business and accelerate innovation. By exploring we found out that in work-life a “terminal state of seriousness” is going on; people don’t really enjoy their work (anymore), they stopped being curious and they stopped asking questions that matter. This is a pitty, because work can ánd should be fun as well. That’s why we decided to do extensive research about the effects of humor and we came to the conclusion that humor is a very serious thing, and even more important, a great tool for organizational impact. Therefore, Jaspar Roos decided to launch CHO (if you think that’s short for Chief Humor Officer, you’re correct! Congratulations, fame and fortune await you). CHO (in which the H also stands for Human, Happiness and Hitality) is a humorous initiative that does not ónly bring back the fun into organizations. No, it is a (research) movement as well as action based consultancy where humor is our human-centered formula for organizational success!

Humor, Happiness, a Human-approach ánd fun at work can counteract the following:

  • Stress;
  • Lack of creativity and innovation;
  • Boredom;
  • Ineffective communication;
  • Poor (team) performance;
  • Poor interpersonal relations;
  • Ineffective collaboration;
  • Unreadiness for change;
  • Job-dissatisfaction;
  • Organizational disastrous taboos.
Are you experiencing any organizational challenges? We know how important your business is and we strive to apply the right solutions for these issues. Solutions with a touch of humor and humanity. Would you like us to stop by your organization and see what we can do for you?
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Our Inspirational Vision

The biggest resistance we come across is that some people are afraid not to be taken seriously when using humor. This can’t be more wrong! From our own and other scientific research and interviews with the key stakeholders in the world, we can conclude the following:

  • Humor and its active ingredient laughter make people more approachable.
  • You’re perceived as more professional and even more likeable.
  • Likeable people are among other things, great persuaders.
  • The funnier the executive, the higher the bonuses. Outstanding executives use more than twice as much humor than ordinary executives! (Harvard Business Study)
  • Humor can help us through the day, but humor can also help us to be more motivated, productive, creative, and energetic.
  • Successful people are almost always humorous, inspiring, and fun to work with.

Yet, humor is not only about joking around. Humor comes in different forms and you can find it in anything you come across. Just look at successful organizations such as Google, Apple and Pixar that make, among other things, use of a humorous and playful environment to enhance creativity and innovation.

Therefore our mission and vision involves: Bringing back the fun by making your work more awesome and by delivering outstanding results!

Our Team of Explorers

Jaspar roos
I am the initiator of CHO. I am also an Inspiration Catalyst at my own company Inspiration Academy, a platform to facilitate and accelerate inspiration in organizations. Furthermore I am part of numerous advisory and executive boards, like Erasmus Medical Center Incubator, FEI EMEA and TEDxBaghdad.

"To bring light and life"

What makes you smile?

What makes you get up every morning?
To grow each day

I have a dream..
A song to sing.

If I were a hero, I would be:
Jeske Eenink
I have a background in Business Administration, more precisely Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and have a passion for organizational learning, change management and innovation.

"I love to push organizations to not think outside the box, but getting rid of the box at all."

Things that make me smile:
Lego bricks and meetings with as many sticky-notes as possible.

Always wet socks, or a dwarf constantly following you and saying 'you are lying'?
The dwarf. I am very attached to my socks.

I have a dream...
To help every organization to get the most out of their employees!
Ragna van Damme
I am a social and work & organizational psychologist. I love creating an (informal) work environment where people can get the best out of themselves, are motivated, committed, and where fun and play are important factors.

"Stop making excuses and just make time for the things you love doing"

What makes you get up every morning:
My snorring boyfriend.

Who is stronger, a shark or a turtle?
A ninja-turtle. Duh! ;)

What would your super power be?
Reading one's thoughts.
Anne Twilt
I strongly believe that doing what you love to do is one of the most important things in life, that's why I work for CHO! Building strong innovation cultures and happy work environments is what I am passionate about.

“You live but once; you might as well be amusing.”
― Coco Chanel

Favorite game to play:

If you were an animal..
I'd be a parrot: colorful, chatty, and with the ability to fly!

What can't be missed in your ideal work-habitat:
An office pet!
Rita Orozco
I am a creative designer and an energetic marketeer focused on disruptive strategies and business innovations. I am passionate about innovation as a continuum non-stop motion and how the human factor drives it.

"Trust in the flow of life!"

Things that make me smile:
It is very simple: love, sun and chocolate.

What's your favorite game to play:

What can't be missed in your ideal work-habitat:
Sun light.

The best thing you've ever experienced:

Kissing or hugging:
Alice van Zurk
I am an enthusiastic and energetic trainer. I know how to connect with people and make it fun. I believe that people are more effective and more productive if they enjoy their work. And that is not obvious.

"Where intention goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, life grows."

Things that make me smile:
I am a happy person and smile the whole day.

What's your guilty pleasure?
If I see snow, I have to make a snow angel.

The best thing you've ever experienced?
It's hard to mention one thing. So here are 3:
1. Becoming a mother;
2. Working at the Olympic Games in Athens;
3. A night walk on the beach in Costa Rica, watching how a turtle layed eggs in the sand.

Open Position
We have a lot of fun working for CHO. Interested in working with or working for us? Please send us your motivation letter or video and a CV.

Please answer the following questions:
Ninja's or pirates?
What is your guilty pleasure?
Can you tell a joke?

Our Partners in Humor Crime


Bruno Fabre; A born creative, willing to help change the world into a better place. The connection between head, hands & heart is the strongest development he foresees as the engine of human growth.
John C. Havens; Together we are developing new experiments in the Netherlands and in the USA. A well-known author in the USA, he also inspires people with his H(app)athon Project.
Thomas Hogeling; A freelance writer for serious, satirical and humorous media. His clients are amongst others: De Volskrant, satirical magazine De Speld and scientific magazine deFusie.
Adjust Bouwman; An improvisation and humor initiator. He won the Dutch television show ‘Lama gezocht’. He is also known from theater shows, such as the Dutch musical ‘Soldaat van Oranje’.



We’re part of XL family, a set of international companies and initiatives that act as…well… a family. With traditions, structure and even a family shield, we are the corporate rebels if you like. Whilst we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we take our work very seriously. At CHO we use playfulness, informality and humor to help firms improve their organizational culture, innovation capability, leadership and work habitat.